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Decor ideas to style an outdoor table

by George Goulas 04/10/2024

Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties or delight in fine dining decor? Maybe you have a penchant for entertaining at home and want a few ways to spruce up your outdoor table and relaxation area. Whatever the reason for your curiosity, there are always a tips and tricks to help get, and keep, the creative juices flowing. 

Pick a color scheme for your table decor

Choose a color scheme before you start designing your table layout. This will set the foundation for the decor you purchase and sets a sharper focus for your outdoor dining table aesthetic. 

For an earthy appeal, try beige, soft browns and forest green. For a summer appeal, try bright yellows, oranges, and blues. If you’re having a winter shindig, try blues, whites and silvers to emulate the winter festivities, regardless of location.

Add a beautiful living centerpiece

Fresh flowers make for a stunning centerpiece. They can be arranged in many ways and are sure to add a soft ambiance. Plants work well to the same degree. Also, try adding fresh fruit as the centerpiece of the table to create visual interest. Not only will fruit add a pop of color, it’s also a tasty treat to go along with your meal. 

Transform the space with an elegant tablecloth

It’s important to lay down a good visual foundation for your outdoor table decor. Do so by adding a lavish tablecloth. When choosing your table cloth, make sure it’s made of quality material and is good for outdoor use. Try bright pigments to give your dining table a bold splash. Also, try mixing and matching colors and patterns to make the decor dazzle. 

Prep your outdoor table for a special occasion

Are you preparing for a special event and want to create a ravishing table design? Transform your outdoor space by adding elegant glassware and keeping the color scheme simplistic. Garnish the center of the table with vibrant flower combinations. 

Decorating an outdoor table can really set the scene for your next dinner party. Once you have a theme in mind, pick out flowers and plants that best fit the vibe you’re going for.

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